Polignac, Yolande-Martine-Gabrielle de Polastron, countess, then duchess de

   Born at Versailles into an aristocratic family, Yolande-Martine-Gabrielle de Polastron married Count Jules de Polignac and made her appearance at the French court, where she soon became a close friend of Queen marie Antoinette. The victim of jealousies, calumnies, and slanders, the duchess de Polignac was the object of a farewell letter from the queen that mentioned that the queen would try to obtain favors for the duchess and her family and noting that she had become the intimate friend of the sovereign and of the governess of the royal children. The duchess de Polignac and her husband were thus believed to have a nefarious influence on the court, which in turn, contributed to the unpopularity of the queen herself. Fearing the hatred of the revolutionaries, the duchess emigrated as soon as the revolution of 1789 began and died in Vienna. Yolande, duchess of Polignac was the mother of jules auguste-armand-marie de polignac.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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